Welcome to Shady Lane Longhorns. We are James and Mary Clark, we are located about 65 miles south of Kansas City, Missouri about 2 miles off 71 Highway. We got our first longhorn cow in 2005 to raise our own lean beef. Like everybody else that has longhorns that one cow led to another and then others. Now we are hooked and our direction has changed. We have added better horn genetics and are using bulls such as Drag Iron, Tempter, Clear Win, Unlimited and The Shadow, to name a few, in our AI program. We feel these bulls will add horn while still keeping the full body type that we like and that our pocket book can afford. We were able to acquire two different bulls to add Gunman and Grand Slam to the mix. We have a small herd, so keeping a bull wasn't in the plan.


Our first bull was JP Grand Finale. We used him for one season and had him collected for our in herd use. We had five calves in 2011 from him, all were different colors. We were then able to use Finale to get Lazy J's Avatar. We are waiting patiently for his first calves to arrive in March of 2012. We took Avy to the sattelite measuring for the 2011 Horn Showcase. He took fourth in TTT with 63.56 and composite with 158.56. 


Now in 2013 we have a different bull that is of Darol Dickinson's breeding, Win The Drag. We call him Bubba. Bubba is sired by the over 83 TTT Drag Iron and out of a Winchester daughter. Bubba is a gentle bull. He takes care of his girls and is easy to handle. The picture doesn't do him justice, as you can't see all the color coming in. We're expecting our first calves from Bubba this fall.  If you see something you are really like contact us and we will see if we can work something out. So come on in and take a look around and let us know if there's anything we can help you with. Thanks for visiting with us.


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