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 Mindy (DOB May 05, 1996)-  Mindy  looks good for an 18 year old cow. She has a home here for life. She is exposed to Win The Drag for a calf if she wants to have another one. NFS





 Shadows Class/Classy (DOB April 2, 1998)- Classy has produced some very good calves for us. She is a great mother and milker with a perfect udder at 16 years old. Classy has a bull calf at side by Win The Drag and is exposed back the same way for her 2015 calf. Classy is 61 tip to tip. $1,700.00










Mi Tierra H127/Honey (DOB 7-17-2001) Honey came to us from the Mi Tierra Ranch in Joplin, Mo. I love her yellow color and gentle twist horns. Honey has a bull calf at side by Super Duty and is confirmed bred to Glad Jolt for her 2015 calf. Honey is 68 Tip to Tip.



 Lazy J's Silk (DOB February 22, 2003)-is a big bodied cow who raises huge calves. Even though she's mostly red, she produces colorful calves. Silk has heavy bases that she passes on to her calves.  We have her 2011 heifer sired by KC Justice. Silk is due anytime to Win The Drag. Silk will be AI'd to Superbowl for her 2015 calf. NFS






 Zapata's Redhead/Red (DOB January 1, 2006)- is a big bodied cow with beautiful 62 1/2 TTT twist horns.  Red is a gentle cow and has always raised 1 of the biggest calves. She is a very good milker and mom. Red has a red and white bull calf at side by Win The Drag and is exposed back the same way. For sale $2200 

Zapatas Redhead.jpg?1358270861348






SL Mindy's Royal Lady( DOB May 2007)-is a pocket cow, and as her name implies is a daughter of our first cow Mindy. Lou has very good comformation and is a good milker like her mom.  Lou's sire is TTT Royal Justice, a grulla and white bull that Trigg & Traci Moore used to own. Lou was our 1st AI baby. She has out grown her mom in both size and horn.  Lou and all her offspring are Millennium Futurity Eligable. Mindy has a red and white bull calf at side and is exposed back the same way. NFS


Mindys Royal Lady.jpg?1358270866449

Lazy J's Just silk (DOB March 10, 2010)-Jesse has really filled out and is growing a beautiful set of twist horns. Jesse is a joy to have. She's a good mom, an easy keeper, likes to be hand fed and scratched. Jesse will be AI'd to Boomerang CP for her 2015 calf. Jesse has a Win The Drag heifer for 2014. NFS.